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Hey Blondies! How are you? The winter for some of you is outdoor; for me, as you probably know, is more summer than winter. I love hot weather but I kind of miss the cold: going shopping with my mom in the city center and than take hot chocolate to warm up….I miss it so much!

I want to write this post because I think you guys need to know me better, right? As you wouldn’t probably thought I would missed a stupid hot chocolate you won’t know many other things. That’s why I decided to write this post about “25 things you don’t know about me”. Soooo….let’s start!

  1. I have 3 tattoos and 3 piercings. I have a palm in the left rib, it doesn’t have a meaning, is just aesthetics. Then I have the nickname I gave to my parents on both wrists: on the left I have “poppy” and on the right “mommy”. I’m planning to do others, but don’t tell my mom! I have two piercings on the ears and I had one on the nose, but I took it off.
  2. I speak 5 languages. I speak French, Italian, Spanish, English and German. My favorite is English, actually I love them all except for German.
  3. I play the piano since 11 years. I remember my mom used to force me to go to piano lessons, but now I really need to thanks her because it became one of my favourite hobbies.
  4. My favorite hobby is skateboarding. Yes man, I love skateboarding. It makes me feel alive and happy. I don’t use the skate to do tricks but more as a means of transport.
  5. My favorite town is San Diego, Ca. I felt in love with that city after the being up there for the second time. The part of San Diego that I love is not the city center but a little neighborhood called “Pacific Beach”.
  6. I was under weight till the age of 13. I wasn’t anorexic but I was thin, really thin. I was able to eat everything without put on weight!
  7. If you don’t know me you will think I’m a snob person, but you’ll change idea as soon as you start knowing me. I have lots of problems with people for this reason. I recognise that from the outside I really seem unlikable, but I’m the most chill person ever….I SWEAR!
  8. I’m so curious. This is my winning quality, because it makes me learn lots of things.
  9. I have more boy friends than girl friends. I totally love boys, I love staying with them, talking with them… This is because I think girls make so many problems, they are always gossiping and super stressed all the time.
  10. I TOTALLY LOVE COOKING. Since I was little cooking always been one of my super passions. I start learning with my first babysitter. Is something that I really enjoy doing, it makes me feel happy and not think about problems.
  11. I wrote a book. Writing is another one of my great passions. Is not a serious book, is a “comedy”. It’s about a story of a girl who fell in love. I wrote it last year, but no one red it.
  12. I’m really insecure. I know that it doesn’t seem, but I am. I think everyone is a little unsure, but I am working of that.
  13. I have two wonderful sisters. Matilde is the oldest, she is almost 22. Carolina is almost 20, and I’m the little one.
  14. If I could choose something to eat for the rest of my life it would be ice cream. I don’t want to say nothing about it, is just amazing.
  15. I have a secret diary. I like to report all of my important adventures and then read them. It also helps me to don’t make the same mistakes.
  16. My model in life is Romee Strijd. Is a model from Netherlands, she stared being famous with Victoria’s Secret. She is just awesome.
  17. People use to say that I’m the copy of Cameron Diaz. I don’t know if is actually true, but yeah that’s what people think. 7
  18. My biggest fear are pigeons. Ok, now I’m embarassed…
  19. I had two true relation in my life. My last one ended recently, telling the true…? I’m still in love.
  20. My motto is “Hakuna Matata”. Everybody know from where this sentence come from, but not everyone know what does it means: without thoughts.
  21. My favorite subject is Art. I’m an art lover. My favorite whole school is “impressionism”. I love painters from that period, such as Monet, Cèzanne,Degas…
  22. When I have nightmares I always go in my parents bed. This is the true, I’ll always be a child..
  23. I’m scared of heights.
  24. I’m a really loud person. I always talk with a loud voice, laugh loud…all of my friends always complain about this, but it’s part of myself and they know it.
  25. Last but not least: I hate Wednesday. Why? It’s because when I was a child I was used to take classes of “solfeggio” (how to read music), and it was on Wednesday. The problem was that durning that point of my life I hated going to piano lessons, and expecially to solfeggio. The teacher was an old man with an old teaching method, I remember that I was crying everytime at the end of the lesson.

And….that’s all! Now you know me more, I hope you like it!



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